Automatic sliding door system ECdrive T2 for the most cutting-edge ALDI branch in Germany

The new ALDI branch in Mühldorf am Inn, Bavaria, is truly eye-catching. With its timber-framed structure and its simple yet superior appearance, the supermarket is an aesthetic exclamation mark among the constructional monotony of the surrounding retail park. We are delighted to contribute to ALDI SÜD's new architectural concept with the addition of a GEZE ECdrive T2 sliding door system.

Cutting-edge door technology for ambitious architecture

As customers approach the new branch, the large glass frontage of the entrance area immediately impresses. The transparent façade lets a lot of natural light stream onto the 1,200 m2 shop floor, and lends the store an inviting look. For our contacts at ALDI SÜD, it was important to fit this modern architectural jewel with technically reliable and visually appealing panels. The double leaf version of our ECdrive T2 sliding door system was unanimously well-received.

The new GEZE ECdrive T2 fully meets our customers’ expectations – not only in terms of sustainability, thanks to the thermally separated profile, but also in terms of design, flexibility and expertise in door installation.

Josef Viehbeck, Regional Manager GEZE

Thermal separation of the profiles and further functions of the ECdrive T2 convince

The double arrangement of the ECdrive T2 ensures comfortable, barrier-free and contact-free entry into the store.

Barrier-free entry with GEZE ECdrive T2 © Robert Sprang / GEZE GmbH

In consultation with the responsible architect, it soon became clear that our powerful and robust sliding door system was ideally suited to ALDI SÜD's requirements – not least because the system could cope with very high volumes of footfall. The well thought-out development, with its many clever details, impressed. For example, the door could be installed efficiently, thanks to pre-drilled tracks and oblong holes. The continuous floor guide for the controlled drainage of rainwater was another plus; as was the self-cleaning roller carriage which reduces maintenance costs. Ultimately, the GCprofile Therm supports the customer's sustainability efforts, because the thermally separated profile system ensures outstanding energy efficiency.

Sliding door with slim, elegant design

Fits perfectly into the generous glass front of the entrance area – the ECdrive T2.

A visual eye-catcher - the sliding door system ECdrive T2 © Robert Sprang / GEZE GmbH

It is not just workmanship and functionality that make the ECdrive T2 stand out. The appearance of installed products plays an important role, especially for architects. With a cover height reduced to justify 100 mm, the design is exceptionally slim and elegant. In addition, the finely-framed profiles of the door despite being robust appear nice and light. Plus, there is plenty of scope for design creativity. It was therefore possible to adapt the drive length to the specified space requirements, and to reduce it to 2,100 mm.

Watch our ECdrive T2 video

Prior to installation, we held a workshop on the manufacture of the moving leaf, which greatly facilitated the installation of the customised door of the ALDI branch. It also meant that the planning process and the shortening of the drive length were no longer problematic for us.

Fritz Grassl, owner of Fritz Grassl Metallbau

Holistic service throughout the entire project

The first step was to work with ALDI SÜD to select the perfect solution, and to put together the optimal configuration. One of our most important tasks was to advise the customer on the selection of the necessary profile systems. In the next step, we supported the installation company. In a joint workshop with Fritz Grassl Metallbau, we developed a customised concept for the installation of the sliding door system. As certified GEZE Kit installation engineers, the employees involved were able to tackle the tasks of detailed planning, independently assembling the drive unit, and adapting the drive length. Naturally, our consultants were always on-hand to assist everyone who was involved in these tasks.

GEZE is a trustworthy partner in the entire product life cycle

The product quality and the excellent conditions of the ECdrive T2 were of course important for ALDI SÜD. But most importantly, the project confirmed our attitude to provide an above-average service package. We are delighted and proud that we were able to fully satisfy our customer and the company responsible for the installation. That is our goal. We provide support in the planning stage, as well as with the installation and maintenance. In short: We are a trustworthy partner for our customers during the entire lifespan of a product. In addition to the GEZE ECdrive T2 automatic sliding door system, we equipped the new ALDI SÜD in Mühldorf am Inn with various versions of the GEZE TS 5000 door closer. It’s a beautiful sign of our customer’s confidence in us.