IQ box KNX interface module receives the PROTECTOR Award

At the SicherheitsExpo, one of GEZE's latest innovations, the IQ box KNX interface module, was recognised with the silver PROTECTOR Award. The IQ box KNX makes windows ‘smart’ by integrating automated windows into a KNX building system.

GEZE impresses over readers with its innovative solutions

The winners of the awards were decided by readers of the safety technology journal PROTECTOR & WIK and the internet platform as part of an online vote. Sixteen product solutions were in the running in the smart home security category.

The IQ box KNX delighted the jury of readers so much that the GEZE solution received the second-highest number of votes. Andreas Albrecht, chief editor of PROTECTOR & WIK, awarded the prize to Gabi Bauer, the International Marketing Manager at GEZE, at SicherheitsExpo on 6 July 2018.

"The award confirms our success in offering customers forward-looking products. Our networking solutions make the experience of living and working in modern buildings safer and more convenient and operation of the building more efficient," explains Andrea Alexandra Alber, Strategy and Marking Director.

The KNX module opens up new opportunities for building automation, and with it many advantages: greater security and operating convenience, a more pleasant indoor climate and energy savings. Window drives from GEZE's IQ windowdrive series can be integrated into the KNX building system as a direct bus participant for controlled natural ventilation. Window statuses (e.g. open/closed) can be displayed on a central visualisation panel, and controlled and monitored from there.

Increased building security

Thanks to the controlled activation of the window drives, the IQ box KNX also provides greater security. In contrast to simple switch contacts, it uses the intelligence of the window drives and after performing a ‘command’, it reports the status of a window to the building management system. The module also provides additional window information, for example the precise opening width, any faults or, as predictive maintenance, the number of opening and closing cycles.

Profitable advantages for all that contribute to the building functions

For facility managers or building operators with automatic windows integrated into a KNX building system, building monitoring becomes more comfortable and efficient. The bus technology facilitates flexible building planning: the IQ box KNX is easily scalable from small room ventilation with a few windows to complete networking and integration of all automatic windows into the building management system.

The KNX standard creates planning certainty for technical planners and electricians because the window drives from the IQ windowdrive series integrated into KNX building systems can communicate with other product groups, e.g. light controls, heating controls, air-conditioning technology, alarm system or sun protection via the shared KNX standard. Communication between heating control and the automated windows thus provides energy-saving potential. Windows close automatically when the heating or air-conditioning is activated. This means that natural ventilation is also controlled and automatically. Structural and building management system changes can be made quickly and with little effort. The KNX bus technology makes extensive recabling redundant when changing use.

Convenience and energy efficiency for a whole office complex

IQ box KNX interface modules have landed GEZE a major contract. GEZE developed a specific automated solution for windows in the course of the modernisation and certification of an office complex in Frankfurt. The aim is to achieve Gold in the LEED/DGNB international building standard. Thanks to the property expertise and innovative strength of GEZE's ‘Customer Solutions’ division, the investments required by the building owner are being kept to a minimumcompared to other modernisation solutions, as the existing window fittings can largely be reused.

The modernised window systems are required to provide natural automated night-time back cooling and daily room ventilation ‘at the press of a button. As part of this, heating and air-conditioning ceilings are controlled for energy efficiency according to the window position (open/closed). Initially, 400 bottom-hung windows will be automated with smart ‘F 1200 Electric’ drives developed by the GEZE. The automated windows are being incorporated into the existing KNX office building system via IQ box KNX modules which will makes building monitoring easier and more cost-effective.

Since heating control and window drives are interconnected, windows are closed when the heating or air-conditioning is activated, or if it rains or becomes windy. Natural ventilation is provided equally automatically. The central control system also enables complete window frontages or defined groups of windows to be controlled for night-time back cooling. If needs change, they can be adapted easily by specifying new ventilation scenarios on a KNX visualisation panel.