Expanding hold-open systems – convenient wireless operation

To offer greater safety and convenience, GEZE has made its range of hold-open systems even more appealing with a special solution. The components of the new GEZE FA GC 170 wireless extension kit can be easily connected to existing systems via a wireless module. The new solution has already been recognised at the German Design Award and the ICONIC AWARDS.

No structural changes – optimal solution for retro-fitting

Installing the FA GC 170 wireless extension kit requires no additional cables to be hooked up to ceiling-mounted detectors and manual trigger switches: this is a real advantage where structural modifications are undesirable or impossible, e.g. in listed buildings. The system also makes it easy to retro-fit ceiling-mounted detectors on existing hold-open systems. The new solution ensures safe preventive fire protection and complies with all relevant regulations.

Fast and simple connection – low maintenance

The individual components of the new GEZE wireless extension FA GC 170 are easily connected to existing systems via a wireless module, very simply and with low maintenance!

All components of the wireless extension are connected via a DIP switch. The wireless module at the heart of the wireless system enables wireless communication between the virtually invisible lintel-mounted smoke detector, integrated into the guide rail, and the various wireless devices, e.g. the wireless ceiling-mounted smoke detector and wireless ceiling-mounted thermal detector as well as the wireless module to the manual trigger switch.

The flexible system design allows up to six wireless devices to be connected, so even ceilings with unique structural features can be equipped. The FA GC 170 wireless extension system can be used with all GEZE hold-open systems and is tested in accordance with DIN EN 54-25. The long battery life of five years reduces maintenance costs.