GEZE adopts a Leonberger dog in support of an art project

When the opportunity came to support a local art project in Leonberg by adopting a dog, we jumped at the chance. Especially since the Leonberger dog as a life-size sculpture by the conceptual artist Ottmar Hörl is very easy to look after.

Dog statues on the market square in Leonberg

The Leonberger dog sculptures by the sculptor Ottmar Hörl sit in the market square in Leonberg. Soon, one of them will “guard” the GEZE premises.

The fountain in the middle of Leonberg’s historic market place has probably never seen so many dogs gathered around it. Large black Leonbergers sit nicely in position as people walk amongst them, take pictures, children stroke the dogs’ heads, and their real-life four-legged counterparts sniff curiously. There’s no doubt about it – the black Leonberger sculptures by the conceptual artist Ottmar Hörl are truly eye-catching, and a real pull for people into the square.

As Ottmar Hörl told the newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung,“It’s interesting how such an exhibition in a public space helps people to connect with each other and the sculptures”. 

Promoting art in public spaces

The unusual dog show is the brain child of Wieland Storek from the Leonberg Gallery Association. It didn’t take much to convince the artist Hörl. After all, Hörl had previously successfully unleashed a pack of 500 sculptures of Rottweilers in the town of Rottweil in 2005. The Cultural Department and the Municipal Council of Leonberg also gave their full backing to the exhibition in Leonberg’s market square. To help cover the costs of the project, the sculptures are up for sale.

Naturally, GEZE is happy to support this art project. So don’t be alarmed if you suddenly see a “Leonberger Lion” - as this breed of dog is also known – guarding the GEZE head office in Leonberg! This will be the company’s second “guard dog” – for several years, GEZE has had a white Leonberger on its premises. Who knows – maybe the new sculpture by the internationally renowned artist Ottmar Hörl will be a worthwhile investment?

Art in public spaces can encourage people to come together. We are therefore happy to support the art project in the market square, by “adopting” one of the dogs for our site. Around 1,200 people work at the Leonberg site, so it’s impossible for everyone to know each other personally, and communication is therefore important for us. Who knows, the Leonberger dog could be an ice-breaker, and a talking point for people to engage in conversations at our site?

says GEZE chief executive officer Brigitte Vöster-Alber.

GEZE and Leonberg

GEZE has been firmly rooted in Leonberg for over 60 years, and the city is very dear to the company's heart. For example, GEZE donated the sculpture on the roundabout on Römerstrasse, the glass pavilion at the City Museum, and the glass tower of the Leonberg Gallery Association’s building. The mayor’s Chain of Office is also a gift from GEZE. Support is also extended to schools, the hospice, the district hospital, the fire station, and cultural institutions such as the City Museum and the Gallery Association.