Opening drives

F 1200+ system * High-performance tilt and turn hardware system for daily ventilation for standard to very large window elements

F 1200+ in vertical operation
  • Achieves the full opening width of 180 mm for all leaf heights
  • Ventilation with variable adjustment – from gap ventilation to the tilted end position
  • Safe use thanks to limitation of bottom opening width and authorised operation of the turn function
  • Excellent operating comfort thanks to non-powered, barrier-free and safe operation, variable drive positioning and user feedback
  • Brightness sensor adjusts illumination of the control panel to the ambient brightness
  • Proximity sensor activates the control panel when the user approaches
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  • Optional extendible fitting system with aid of vertical and horizontal central locking systems in accordance with leaf size
  • Safe locking for almost any number of bolt points
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This powerful drive system offers plenty of creative freedom even for large and heavy turn-and-tilt and bottom-hung windows: the powerful, yet very quiet drive can move the window to the desired tilted position and lock and unlock the window, so that a manual turning position can be set via the innovative operating element. The GEZE IQ box KNX makes integration into automated control concepts possible – for automated, natural ventilation solutions.

Application Areas

  • Automation of large and heavy windows for natural ventilation
  • Can be used for natural ventilation (24 V) in the façade area
  • For inward opening turn and tilt and tilt windows
  • Installation on aluminium windows
  • Leaf and frame installation

Technical data

F 1200+ system
Leaf width (min.) 750 mm
Leaf width (max.) 2400 mm
Leaf height (min.) 750 mm
Leaf height (max.) 3500 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 200 kg
Panel weight (max.) 150 kg/m²
KNX ability Yes
Opening speed ventilation 11 mm/s
Opening width (max.) 180 mm
Overload cut-off Yes


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