Modern door, window and safety technology in the new Olgahospital

The Olgahospital and Stuttgart hospital's gynaecology unit have merged to form one of the largest and most state-of-the-art gynaecology and paediatrics centres in Germany. The new hospital complex includes 12 individual clinics, an interdisciplinary emergency ward, numerous outpatient clinics and 385 beds.

‘Healing Architecture’ with the help of GEZE

Slimdrive SL-FR with side panels

Automatic linear sliding door system for emergency exits with side panels © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

Designed by the Stuttgart architects SFP Architekten GmbH and HPP Laage & Partner, the building is designed to provide first-rate environment for medical care, with the focus on patients’ well-being. The high level of safety and user comfort, the varied functionality and the design of the doors and windows fitted with the latest door, window and safety technology from GEZE, support the architectural concept.

Accessible door comfort with Slimdrive SL NT systems

The hospital’s exterior facilities and the large foyer blend together almost imperceptibly. The inviting atmosphere created by the automatic sliding door system leads directly to the ‘Ark’ ‘children's play and fun area. Thealmost three metre passage width, sleek door profiles and Slimdrive SL NT-FR drives integrated into the ceiling combine accessibility with emergency exit protection and transparency. The double-leaf doors handle the constantly high volume of people precisely, powerfully and quietly, with a hold-open time adapted frequency of use. If the stream of visitors is high, the door leaves are automatically kept open for longer. In the event of danger, the sliding doors ensure ‘free passage. Integrated into a metal stele, the door programming switch has become a design element in itself.

Safety first! Multifunctional doors

Accessibility, non-contact opening, preventive fire protection, emergency exit protection, access control and modern, universal design are the demands, that doors in the clinic have to fulfil. With system solutions from GEZE, the most varied functional and design demands were realised in almost 100 automatic single and double-leaf swing doors.

Slimdrive SL-FR with side panels and TS 5000 and emergency exit control TZ 320

Slimdrive SL-FR: Automatic linear sliding door system for emergency exits, TS 5000: Overhead door closer with guide rail for single leaf doors TZ 320: Door control unit for the control of escape route doors © Jürgen Pollak / GEZE GmbH

The right solution for every situation

Slimdrive-EMD swing door systems, which are opened automatically by a movement detector when approached, have been installed in almost every area of the clinic. The doors can also be controlled to open earlier via a push button that an be operated simply with the touch of an elbow – a great advantage, for example, when moving beds with no free hands. Safety is guaranteed at all times because the sensor monitoring stops the doors when people are in the swivelling range. The ‘Push & Go’ function, which can be switched on and off, allows the door drive to be controlled by briefly pressing the door leaf.

Integrated into fire alarm systems, double-leaf swing door systems with Slimdrive EMD-F/R-IS drives act as emergency exits, and with Slimdrive EMD Invers drives as exhaust openings for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation in case of fire. If fire is detected, the alarm command from the fire alarm system also triggers the release of the TZ 320 emergency door controls so that the doors open automatically. If there is a power failure, the drives’ Invers function ensures the doors open and are held open automatically.

Controlling access to the maternity ward is a particularly important safety aspect. The single-leaf door solution from GEZE combines automatic accessible opening with a Slimdrive EMD-F/R swing door drive system, access control, emergency exit protection in both directions and automatic opening for fresh air in the case of fire. In ‘Automatic Mode’, the door opens at any time. In night-time operation, the access control system ensures access is possible for authorised persons only. If a dangerous situation requires an evacuation, everyone is able to exit the ward quickly, And an alarm is triggered at the same time.

Single-leaf automatic swing doors with Slimdrive EMD-F/R drives also serve as fire protection doors. Slimdrive EMD drive versions are particularly suited for narrow door profiles and for limited space conditions because they are only seven centimetres high. Integrated into the drive cover, the smoke switch does not require any extra space either. The guide rails and safety sensors are also combined into one element as sensor roller guide rails.

Hold-open systems: accessibility for mechanical fire protection doors

Single and double-leaf manual fire section doors are held open electromechanically on almost all the wards for accessible use of hold-open systems. Compact and attractive, the solutions selected comprise TS 5000 door closers with a comprehensive R-ISM guide rail system, in which all components of the hold-open system are integrated. If a hold-open system has been disabled by a power failure or triggered by a fire detector, the door closers ensure safe closing of the fire protection door and secure the safety function of the fire protection closer.

Hold-open systems can be combined flexibly with safety components. They are also fitted with TZ 320 emergency door controls in the escape and rescue routes. Activating the emergency push button interrupts the power supply to the emergency exit opener and opens the door for everyone. Because a visual and an acoustic alarm are triggered silumtaneously, misuse is highly unlikely. 

Controlled smoke and gas ventilation

Door closer systems, including on façade doors, also ensure controlled natural smoke and gas ventilation in the case of fire, and safe closure in normal mode. K 600 retractable arm drives, in combination with TS 5000 door closers, serve as fresh air openings. The doors are operated automatically and held wide open in the event of a fire so that smoke and heat can escape and fresh air is drawn in.

Safety and hygiene with intelligent accessories

GEZE pivot bearing fitted on the door frame and T-Stop guide rails are installed in almost all patient rooms. The system with integrated opening restrictor prevents ‘’the bathroom door and the adjacent room doors from colliding, and renders door stoppers on the floorredundant. The clever solution not only increases safety, it also ensures improved room hygiene because the floor can be cleaned without interruption.