GEZE GmbH and GEZE Service GmbH Whistleblower System

Ensuring that behaviour conforms to applicable laws and regulations is our top priority; to this end, our company has established systems for complying with both statutory and internal regulations. Of course, this includes methods for identifying any regulatory violations or misconduct, in order to counteract such conduct in the most effective manner possible. At the same time, we are aware that even the best compliance management cannot prevent individual regulatory violations. However, this does not mean that we should accept such violations. Rather, we want to resolve, intercept and learn from them for the future as far as possible as this is the only way that we can improve our compliance management while reducing the likelihood of further regulatory violations in the future.

We therefore support whistleblowers in bringing such compliance violations to our attention. Often, however, whistleblowers fear reprisals if they point out these violations. We have therefore appointed the auditors Warth & Klein Grant Thornton AG to work with us in accepting any such information in confidence, and following this up objectively and with due professional expertise, while offering the best possible protection to those involved. At the same time, imposing any kind of sanctions due to information provided in good faith is prohibited. Therefore, Whistleblowers who act in good faith may not be disadvantaged in any way, nor face reprisals.

Whistleblower reporting channel

You can access the online whistleblower system of Warth & Klein Grant Thornton on the following page. This system allows whistleblowers to report information regarding compliance violations confidentially, and anonymously if desired. To follow up on information as quickly as possible, it is helpful if the circumstances of the potential misconduct are described as precisely as possible. At the same time, however, the whistleblower system opens up the possibility of further communication between the whistleblower and Warth & Klein Grant Thornton, despite ensuring the anonymity of the whistleblower, for instance to clarify further questions regarding the facts of the case.

This whistleblower system does not use robots with automated responses. Instead, each tip is received and evaluated by a qualified professional, then reviewed by a team of specialists. Warth & Klein Grant Thornton has undertaken to clarify alleged compliance violations objectively and fairly. In addition, all whistleblowers will be regularly informed of the progress in clarifying the matter they reported, where processing of the information permits.

In addition, whistleblowers can also contact Warth & Klein Grant Thornton for a personal meeting using the whistleblower system.

Misuse of the whistleblower system

On the other hand, misuse of the whistleblower system will not be tolerated. Therefore, please note that intentionally making untrue statements about third parties could be a criminal offence.

Data protection

We are obliged to protect data; this includes ensuring all of the rights of data subjects, including the rights of individuals against whom a whistleblower has alleged a compliance violation. This also includes the right to provide information regarding all of the data subject’s personal data processed in relation to the information. Generally, the data subject’s interest in receiving information regarding this data will be secondary while the investigation into the information received is ongoing. After the investigation is complete, however, the request for information should generally be fulfilled. Therefore, we recommend that all whistleblowers consider this when submitting information, in particular if they want to remain anonymous.

Further information on data protection is available on the data privacy notice on this page and on our website.

Exemption from seizure

Finally, please note that Warth & Klein Grant Thornton is obliged to maintain confidentiality regarding information received via the whistleblower system or in any other way; however, this information is not generally exempt from seizure, meaning that investigative or other official agencies could seize and thereby access this information based on a court order.

Other reporting options

Independent of the whistleblower system, our employees can also contact their supervisors with information at any time.

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