Case studies

GEZE door systems support innovative clinic concept at the Ethianum

The Ethianum Heidelberg combines prevention, plastic surgery and medical research in an interdisciplinary approach. With its state-of-the-art door systems, GEZE has helped to deliver the highest standard of functionality, accessibility, preventive fire protection and design in the clinic too.

Entry doors and emergency exits in one: GEZE

Ethianum entrance area: Linear sliding doors in the escape and rescue route with GEZE Slimdrive SL NT

Innovative door systems by GEZE in the Heidelberg Ethianum

,The discerning new clinic building was opened in 2010 after almost three years in the construction. It has 27 patient bedrooms and suites. The centre of the open circular foyer creates a transparent vestibule dominated by fine-frame automatic linear sliding doors made of thermal insulation glass.

The powerful Slimdrive design drive system, only 7 cm high, moves the large glass leaves lightly and discreetly, even with a high flow of traffic. Thanks to the special FR drive variety of the Slimdrive SL NT series, which opens safely even in the event of a power cut, the door systems also act as escape and rescue route doors in the event of danger, and also help with controlled smoke and heat extraction.

Accessible user convenience with GEZE Boxer door closers

The doors of the patients’ bedrooms are equipped with integrated door closers from the GEZE Boxer range, which are completely integrated into the door leaf. The elegant free swing door closers, which are visible only when the door is open, enable the doors to be closed gently and securely. Their state-of-the-art functionality and the discreet design fit snugly into the exclusive atmosphere of the Ethianum, and offer optimal user convenience for patients and staff.

The GEZE Boxer EFS variety is connected to an access control system at the entrance door of the Preventive Medicine area. Opening the door once against the force of the spring activates the 'free swing' function of the door system, enabling accessible movement without resistance while opening or closing. In the event of a fire, the door self-closes safely as a fire section door.

Safety and functionality when needed

Entrance to Outpatient Surgery: Double-leaf automatic glass swing door in fire and smoke protection design

Entrance to Outpatient Surgery

Convenience and accessibility are of particular importance when transporting beds in the Outpatient Surgery area. The double-leaf glass swing door system in fire and smoke protection design, with TSA swing door drives, opens automatically via a movement detector when approached. In time-critical situations, this means the door is already open before staff reach it.

The door system can also be activated by an elbow switch as an alternative to the movement detector. Individual hold-open times or longer hold-open times can be set for both door leaves. Integrated sensors ensure the door remains open if there is anyone in the swivelling range. The integrated closing sequence control of the TSA series fire safety variety ensures that both door leaves close again without fail – for instance, once people who are escaping have passed through them – so that the door can once again fulfil its function as a fire section door.

Multifunctional door systems with access control

Many areas of the clinic have seemingly contradictory requirements: the doors must offer convenient barrier-free access for staff, patients and visitors, but also act as safe emergency exit doors and/or fire protection doors in the event of danger. Access controls are also required for the door systems in certain areas of the clinic to grant access to authorised persons only. GEZE has responded to this challenge with a combined solution consisting of a Slimdrive EMD-F swing door drive system, a central emergency exit control unit and a multi-disciplinary networked access control system.

Flexible ease of access in the entrance to the underground car park

The exterior door which connects the underground car park to the clinic is a sleek automatic swing door with Slimdrive EMD-F drive in '70 mm look', which enables manual opening with minimal effort thanks to a servo function. If required, the door also opens automatically via the movement detector or a push button. The door functions as an emergency exit door from the clinic underground car park, thanks to the integrated GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit control system with the intelligent TZ 320 door control unit. Even when locked, the door system opens the rescue route for everyone via the emergency button, while also triggering an alarm.

A networked access control system keeps the escape and rescue routes free

The exterior door to the underground car park becomes a 'system door' in this practical 'three-way solution' by GEZE, by connecting a networked access control system. In the event of danger, monitored door systems within the emergency exit can also be temporarily controlled via the car park door access control unit. Once they are granted clearance via the access control unit, authorised persons with an ID card can temporarily pass through the monitored clinic areas to reach a safe area.

Tailor-made service packages for complex demands

"Patients need peace and comfort. Efficient processes and top-class functionality are a priority for clinical staff and the clinic operator. Facility management requires particularly reliable systems. Our complex requirements include safety aspects and compliance with standards and guidelines," says Ralf Brenneisen, head of facility management for the Ethianum. "It's good to know that we have the support of GEZE as a professional service partner for tailor-made services, both now and in future," says Ralf Brenneisen.

GEZE advised us as specialists during all planning and design stages for the building of the Ethianum, and found the perfect product solution for each situation - not just with regard to function, but aesthetics as well.

Ralf Brenneisen, head of facility management at the Ethianum

Perfect networking - intelligently controlled access controls

Both clinical staff and patients use a personal pass in the Ethianum which grants them individual access and user rights, and records all personal data. This focus on efficiency is also reflected in GEZE's flexible access control system. The web-based GCMU 524 online access control units can be combined into one system solution with almost 100 readers. New or previously non-network clinical door systems can be connected to the networked access control system at any time without any problem.

GEZE products in the Ethianum

  • FR drive versions from the Slimdrive SL NT series
  • Integrated door closers from the GEZE Boxer range
  • GEZE Boxer EFS variety
  • Slimdrive EMD-F swing door drive system
  • GEZE SecuLogic emergency exit control system
  • TZ 320 door control unit
  • GCMU 524 online access control unit