F 1200+ system

F 1200 basic hardware * Cranked turn-and-tilt hardware for manual ventilation of rooms and staircases

F 1200 in vertical operation
  • Ventilation with variable adjustment – from gap ventilation to the tilted end position
  • Functional safety due to weight-independent crank handle activation with control display
  • Additional protection against incorrect operation and overload friction coupling
  • Secure locking due to the arrangement of virtually any number of bolt positions on all four sides
  • All fitting parts are positioned on the inner leaf shell
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Application Areas

  • Ventilation of rooms and stairways
  • Large and heavy windows up to 200 kg leaf weight
  • Inward-opening rectangular windows with bottom-hung and side-hung leaves
  • Outward-opening top-hung leaf:
  • Installation on wooden, PVC or metal windows
  • Leaf installation

Technical data

F 1200 basic hardware
Leaf width (min.) 750 mm
Leaf height (min.) 750 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 200 kg

Variants & Accessories


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