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Breathtaking, yet safe

Sporting venues and cultural facilities serve as the face a community or a region: which is why planning them often focuses on creating memorable aesthetics. In addition, the building management system must be designed to ensure large numbers of people can move safely and comfortably through the building.

Constantly guiding visitors in and out – including at peak times

Revolving doors ensure the glass façade remains open.

Revolving doors ensure the glass façade remains open.

Cinemas, theatres, museums, concert halls, and sporting venues: the entrance area combines demands for door, window and safety technology. It sets the tone of the building, and so needs to meet certain aesthetic demands. People also need to move in and out of the building quickly and comfortably. Escape and rescue routes must be clearly signposted and accessible even at peak times – for example at the start or end of a concert or football game. A combination of revolving doors with break-out leaves and additional swing doors is the perfect solution: at the Badeparadies Schwarzwald, a swimming pool paradise in Germany’s Black Forest, they manage the constant flow of visitors in and out. In addition, the doors ensure the glass façade remains passable, thus preserving the aesthetics. The revolving doors are part of the escape and rescue route. The break-out leaves can be operated manually to clear the emergency exit and So comply with fire protection regulations.

GEZE solutions also offer state-of-the-art control technology in the entrance area, such as in the entrance area to the Lascaux caves: two large vestibules serve as a reception area for visitors. Automatic sliding door systems with Slimdrive SL drive systems are used on both the exterior and interior doors. The doors are equipped with control technology that allows the opening width, hold-open time, and closing speed to be individually adjusted. The hold-open time can be automatically adjusted to visitor flows. In addition, the redundant drive and control technology design helps evacuate visitors in an emergency.

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Door solutions that impress

The "Green Symbol" of the EXPO in Shanghai

The "Green Symbol" of the EXPO in Shanghai

Design and comfort play a key role in the planning of buildings that are an event in themselves. Such buildings require exceptional, even stunning aesthetics – while at the same time promising comfort and functionality. GEZE solutions provide just this impressive combination at the Zugspitze: the entrance to the Panorama Restaurant is via Germany's highest revolving door – made by GEZE. As well as controlling the flow of guests into the restaurant, the door also acts as a kind of vestibule – while taking up very little space and preventing draughts from entering the restaurant.

The door technology in the "Green Symbol" of the EXPO in Shanghai: the China Pavilion is equally impressive. The GEZE TSA 160 NT swing door drive is used in the entrance area, since it is suitable for doors on various frame materials. Not only is the design exceptionally modern and space-saving, it also creates a visual highlight: the entire entrance area consists of a single LED wall. The GEZE drive is strong and robust, and can open doors weighing up to 250 kg and up to 1400 mm wide effortlessly, and close them reliably, even with heavy traffic. This plays a key role in the China Pavilion, since it is the most visited part of the World Expo.

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