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IQ box Safety * Safety module for protecting hazardous areas of power-operated windows

IQ box Safety
  • Complies with the most stringent protection rating demands in respect of risk assessment for power-operated windows pursuant to the Machinery Directive (protection rating 4)
  • TÜV tested functional safety in accordance with DIN EN 13849-1
  • 4 pre-set sensor inputs for safety edges and optical sensors
  • Top hat rail housing with pluggable clamps for quick and easy wiring
  • Integrated push button for closing windows manually during servicing
  • Easy and quick commissioning due to pre-set standard parameters
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  • Adjustments to the parameters with ST 220 service terminal possible
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Safety module for protecting hazardous areas of power-operated windows

Application Areas

  • Closing edge protection on automated power-operated windows with 24V IQ windowdrive units
  • For connecting safety edges and non-contact sensors
  • One IQ box Safety per window for up to four window drives and two locking drives
  • Suitable for natural ventilation, smoke and heat extraction systems (SHEV)
  • Suitable for all activation units (smoke and heat extraction system control unit, 24 V power supply, KNX, IQ gear)

Product data

IQ box Safety
Dimensions 35 x 90 x 60 mm
Type of installation Top hat rail mounting
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 0.1 A
Cable dimensions (max.) 2.5 mm²
Max. total length drives 50 m
Max. cable length non-contact sensors 10 m
Max. cable length safety edges 200 m
Inputs for sensors 4 Stk.
Software drives The software version of the drives (IQ windowdrive) must be V3.2 or higher or V1.0 for F1200 +.
Temperature range -5°C...+70°C
IP rating IP20
protection rating III
approved safety edges 4,5k - 22k Ohm


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